Be My Enemy

Обложка альбома Be My EnemyFormed in 2008 by Phil Barry ,Be My Enemy's mission has been to pull together Phils many musical talents as a Guitarist ,Producer ,Singer and Songwriter to create a energetic hybrid of electronic and rock musicial styles. Previous to Be My Enemy you might of known Phil as half of Londons seminal electronic rockers Cubanate who in the 1990's produced 4 albums released such classics as 'Oxyacetalyne' and 'Bodyburn' toured extensively around the USA and Europe and influenced a host of other bands along the way. The Be My Enemy sound can best be described as a uncompromising energetic fusion of Rave ,Metal ,Techno and Punk that is at home at festivals and clubs and will either make you want to dance your arse off or bang your head and stage dive. Often other bands claim to fuse of rock and dance togther but usually fail.Be My Enemy is the real deal,not a watered down attempt to be 'innovative' or 'do something original' Phil has been doing this for 20 years already and has been doing it with attitude. The first song written for Be My Enemys debut and the first song on the album was 'New Wave'.
  • Трек: Public Enemy
  • Исполнитель (артист): Little Big
  • Длительность 3:08
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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  • Видео клип "Little Big - Public Enemy"

    • 4:25
      The Prodigy
      The Day Is My Enemy
    • 3:14
      PHARAOH, i61
      Enemy of the State
    • 4:53
      Arch Enemy
      The World Is Yours
    • 2:50
      Nastra x Needow
      Close Enemy
    • 4:24
      The PRODIGY
      The Day is My Enemy
    • 4:12
      Arch Enemy
    • 4:26
      Billy Talent
      Cure For The Enemy
    • 2:28
      The Enemy
    • 3:39
      Smash Into Pieces
      My Enemy
    • 4:59
      Arch Enemy
      The Eagle Flies Alone (edit)
    • 3:49
      Blue Stahli
    • 8:04
      Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six; Pharrell Williams; Johnny Marr
      My Enemy
    • 3:15
      Arch Enemy
      The Race
    • 2:53
      Papa Roach
      Silence Is the Enemy
    • 4:01
      Arch Enemy
      As the Pages Burn
    • 4:54
      Rage Against The Machine
      Know Your Enemy
    • 3:39
      Paradise Lost
      The Enemy
    • 3:43
      Time Is the Enemy
    • 3:11
      Green Day
      Know Your Enemy
    • 4:37
      Enter Shikari
      Know Your Enemy
    • 4:16
      Arch Enemy
      War Eternal
    • 3:09
      Upon A Burning Body
      The World Is My Enemy Now
    • 4:48
      Arch Enemy
      First Day in Hell
    • 6:35
      Arch Enemy
      A Fight I Must Win
    • 4:42
      Public Enemy
      Fight The Power
    • 3:55
      Arch Enemy
      Blood in the Water
    • 3:01
      Thousand Foot Krutch
      My Own Enemy
    • 4:37
      Arch Enemy
      You Will Know My Name
    • 4:38
      Arch Enemy
    • 3:03
      Arch Enemy
      Shadow On the Wall
    • 3:51
      Bea Miller
      Enemy Fire
    • 3:46
      Chris Brown
    • 3:53
      Behind Enemy Lines
    • 4:08
      The Enemy
    • 5:23
      Arch Enemy
      Time Is Black
    • 3:31
      Blue Foundation
    • 4:28
      Arch Enemy
      War Eternal (Live at Wacken 2016)
    • 5:02
      Public Enemy
      Rebel Without A Pause
    • 4:31
      Public Enemy
      Give It Up
    • 4:48
      The Last Samurai
      To Know My Enemy
    • 6:40
      Arch Enemy
      Dreams of Retribution
    • 3:50
      Arch Enemy
      Murder Scene
    • 4:21
      Arch Enemy
      No Gods, No Masters (Live at Wacken 2016)
    • 4:46
      Public Enemy
      He Got Game
    • 3:44
      Incision (Be My Enemy Remix)
    • 3:47
      Arch Enemy
      Down to Nothing
    • 3:43
      Arch Enemy
      Never Forgive, Never Forget
    • 1:54
      Oliver Tree & Whethan
    • 3:55
      The Exies
      Dear Enemy
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